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Maschinery production

JAMI Metalltechnik, spol. s r. o.
Lieskovec 831
Dubnica nad Váhom

JAMI Metalltechnik, spol. s r. o.

We are a  production construction company. Iin the field of machinery are we engaged for more than 12 years. Our main activity is engineering custom manufacturing.

The JAMI Metalltechnik, spol. s r.o. Company has been established in 1994 as a family company, focused on the production of special precise machinery parts for  industry.  Our production management is provided starting from technical preparation up to final inspection. Currently we have available a workforce team of 20 people on a floor space of 1300 m2.

In order to increase our competitiveness we focus our activities in BAAS, s.r.o. continuously on renewal and perfection of our machinery stock, investment construction and innovation of IT-technologies, with aim to keep our customers and provide better conditions for acquisition of new business partners.

The machinery stock of JAMI Metalltechnik spol,  s r.o. allows machining of metals, i.e. turning, milling, circular grinding, surface grinding, welding, precise drilling, CNC-machining (milling machines, turning lathes). We cover general overhauls, overall assembly of devices and provide for all kinds of thermal and surface treatments of materials.

We offer precise machinery production, production of parts, production of single-purpose technological equipment, production of spare parts pursuant to drawings, metals machining (turning, milling).

Milling - 5 axes up to 7000 mm
Turning - up to a length of 3000 mm
Drilling of metallic and non - metallic materials
JAMI Metalltechnik - Maschinery production
The modern CNC machines produce parts of metal and non-metallic materials. Because of custom manufacturing and we deal with piece production, the classic conventional machine tools are essential part of our production activities.
The machinery stock of JAMI Metalltechnik allows for:
Milling - 5 axes up to 7000 mm, turning - up to a length of 3000 mm, grinding - planar, rotary, drilling and boring, production of gears, welding - CO2, assembly.
According to the requirements of customers, we can finish products and machinery with spray painting. We have ability to ensure the amount of coatings as zinc-coating, nickel-coating, chrome plating, phosphating, anodizing and black-coating.
In cooperation we provide all kind of heat treatment as cementation,heat- hardening, nitridation, induction hardening, annealing, etc.
We weld sub-groups up to 4000 kg within our handling options. Weldments if required are treated according to customer`s requests.
The preparation of price offers and production are carried out on base of supplied technical documentation
(in formats DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF).
Certificate of quality and environmental management
Jami Metalltechnik has created, documented, applied and maintained an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001: 2015 a EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards. It is designed so that it is possible to effectively meet all possible customer requirements and to be constantly and continuously improved.
The company's IMS is based on understanding the description of the process in the company, identifying risks to the quality of services provided, the environment and occupational health and safety, and their use for efficient and transparent management of individual activities.

JAMI Metalltechnik, spol. s.r.o.
Borovského 17,
914 41 Nemšová
Slovak republic

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JAMI Metalltechnik, spol. s.r.o
Lieskovec 831, 832
018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom
Slovak republic
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